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Marketo Integration: Add to Program


Customers integrating with Marketo can insert a lead into a particular Marketo program automatically when the lead is created or updated in Marketo. This eliminates the need to create additional steps within Marketo campaigns to 'listen' for leads and add them to a program based on certain criteria. In aggregate, this can save many hours of work.

How To

To take advantage of Add to Program functionality, an existing Marketo integration can be used, or you can create a new one from the Integration Hub within Settings.

  • Within your campaign or source, choose the Marketo Integration you wish to use.
  • Within the Integration settings, you can now add a lead to a program by checking the box for 'Enable Add To Program'
  • Once checked, four new field mappings will become available: Program Name, Program Status, Source, and Reason.
    • Output Fields are Marketo's fields for Programs, and are not user editable.
    • Required:
      • Program Name
        • Should be the exact name of your Program in Marketo you wish the lead placed into.
    • Optional:
      • Program Status
        • Should be the exact name of the Program Status in Marketo you wish the lead placed into.
      • Source
      • Reason
    • Note that values for these fields can be mapped from campaign fields, mapped via List Mappers, or generated using Liquid Markup.
  • Once completed, you can save, and use your Marketo integration as you normally would. No other action is required.

Fine Print

There isn't any fine print for this feature.

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