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As a Marketer, you can create a Group Mapping out of a list of values in order to allow multiple, similar values to be mapped to a single, meaningful value.

An example of this would be if you had a campaign organized around different decision-making levels, for example, Executives, SVP’s, VP’s and Directors, and wanted to route leads based on that structure. You could be capturing a list of specific titles, e.g. CEO, CFO, CMO, and then map them to a more general value of ‘Exec’.

How To Create a List Value Group Mapping

Within Campaigns, click Lists from the sub navigation.

Select Map from the right-hand menu for the corresponding List you would like to create a group mapping for

You will then be presented with a modal allowing you to map multiple values to alternative values you provide. 

Change the “Value Map 1” to the name of your mapper, e.g. “Title Mapping”, name the first mapping group e.g. “Execs” and drag and drop values to the mapping group 

Use the yellow background text box to create additional mapping groups, e.g. VPs and drag and drop relevant values to it 

Create additional mappers by click on the drop down icon next to the mapper name

Mappers can be used in leads reports and outbound integrations (e.g. to map values when posting out to Marketo, Eloqua, SFDC etc.).

Mappers can also be used in custom fields using the mapper token (in Available Tokens side bar)

To copy the token text, click on the “copy” icon next to the mapper name 

To use the token in custom field, paste into the custom field text area and replace  <FIELD_NAME> with the input field you would like the mapper to apply on. e.g. lead.title 

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