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Domain List

You can target domains or exclude them from the campaign. Domain Lists can be added to any Email type field.

  1. From Campaigns section of the main navigation, go to Lists.
  2. Select  Create List and  choose  Domain List.
  3. Create a  name for the list.
  4. Choose List Origin.
    • Custom Upload: Browse your computer for the file to be  uploaded.
    • Manual: Start typing in the box, selecting Enter after each list item, or copy and paste.
  5. Select  Create List.

Tip: You can use wildcard functionality here. Some examples:

  • An  asterisk placed  before  the  domain  (e.g.,  “*”)  would include any subdomain. 
    • In this example, and would now be targeted or excluded.
  • An  asterisk placed  after the  domain  (e.g.,  “microsoft.*”)  would include all top-level domains. 
    • In this example,, and would now be targeted or excluded.
  • An asterisk placed before the top-level domain (e.g., “*.edu)  would include all  domains with  that  top-level domain.

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