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Adding Webinar Metadata to Lead Reports


Webinar metadata is system-generated data that is captured within either BrightTALK or ON24, and can be used for lead routing and tracking. See our Webinar Metadata Overview article for more details including a full list of our available webinar metadata fields and features. 

In this article we’ll cover how to add webinar metadata within a Lead Report to view alongside your lead data. 

Adding Webinar Metadata to Lead Reports

  • Within the Available Tokens sidebar, use the dropdown to view the Webinar Metadata fields 

  • Locate your desired metadata field from the list and click the copy markup icon to copy the corresponding token to your clipboard
    • Or, to expose all tokens at once, you may switch the Friendly Names toggle to OFF
    • From there you can manually select and copy tokens

  • To create a new line item to display this additional column of metadata, select the Custom Field option in the Field column
  • Under the Output column, add a column title to label this data within your report
  • Within the open text area under the Custom column, paste the copied token

  • Repeat the steps above to add all tokens to output fields as needed.

If desired, you may also add any other additional text or tokens within the open text area. For example, “Webcast ID: {{webinar.webcast_id}}” will add the static text before the token value like this… “Webcast ID: 239694”

See our Generating & Scheduling Reports article for more details on downloading your new data.


Please Note: You can add webinar metadata tokens to a Source at any time. If the Source has already launched, metadata will be captured for leads going forward. Metadata cannot be pulled in retroactively.

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