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Building a Webinar Source -- ON24

Building a Webinar Source -- ON24

This article will walk you through how to create an Integrate Source for your ON24 webinar. This can be a promotion for an upcoming live or on-demand webcast.

Before you begin...

For additional assistance or to get started with Integrate Webinar Integrations, contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager.

Creating an ON24 Source

  • Within the pop-up modal, choose your Webinar Integration and ON24 Webcast from the drop down menus

Please Note: Your ON24 webinar must first be set up and finalized within your ON24 account. Changes made after creating your Integrate Source will not be reflected.

Helpful Hint: Within ON24, name your webinars with a unique identifier to help you locate the live vs. on-demand versions if you plan to promote the same webinar multiple times. Example: 'Fantastic Webinar - Feb 2020'

If you are having trouble identifying your webinars, you may update the titles within ON24 and then revisit this step before proceeding. 

  • Select Add -- You will be redirected to view your new Source!
  • Update the Source Alias by hovering over the placeholder Source ID text in the header

Helpful Hint: Use a naming convention that helps you identify your Sources. Recommended best practice is to use the title of the webinar within ON24 for consistency.

  • Move to the Fields tab to set up your field types, requirements, and validations

Integrate will automatically populate this page with the ON24 fields set up within your webinar. Here you decide which fields should be required/optional and have validations added to block unwanted data. 

Please Note: ON24 may use picklists to collect data for some of their fields. You have two options to collect that data once it reaches your Integrate Fields tab...

  • Text field type -- Use this to allow all values in (Ex: Title)
  • List field type -- Use this option if values need to be validated and/or mapped (Ex: Country)

Helpful Hint: If this is your first ON24 Source, you will need to create those lists within the Integrate List library. 

  • Move to the Default Terms tab to set up your de-duplication rules and update any terms as needed

  • Move to the Integrations tab to add your outbound MA/CRM integration
  • Select Add Integration to choose whether to start from scratch or 'Load from Existing' to copy an existing set up

For more details on your specific integration type and instructions for set up, see the MA/CRM Integrations section of our KnowledgeBase.

Helpful Hint: If you decided to use any picklists on your Fields page and need to apply mappers to send the appropriate values to your system, be sure to add those here!

  • You may add ON24 metadata here to accompany the user lead data as it's sent into your MA/CRM system
  • Finalize your Integration set up then test to confirm proper lead flow into your MA/CRM system prior to beginning webinar promotion

ON24 will now automatically send lead data into the corresponding Source within the Integrate Data Acceleration Platform and all Accepted leads will flow into your MA/CRM system.

For a live webinar, lead flow of registration data begins at the point of user registration, then attendee data will send once the webinar occurs.

For an on-demand webinar, all lead data will send when the user submits their info to access and view the webinar.

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