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Connecting Your ON24 Account

This article will walk you through the steps to connect your ON24 account to your Integrate Integrate Data Acceleration Platform. This will need to be done once initially for each ON24 account.

Before you begin...

To complete this connection you must meet both these requirements:

  • Webinar integration enabled within Integrate Data Acceleration Platform:  Contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager to confirm that your user has the webinar integration feature enabled already or to get started with webinar integrations
  • ON24 Webcast Elite account: API/Integration access feature is not standard across all ON24 accounts. To confirm that your ON24 account has access to the API/Integration feature, navigate to the ON24 Analytics Dashboard. If that module is not present, or if you have questions, please contact your ON24 account manager for assistance before proceeding.

Connecting to ON24

1.  Get API Credentials from ON24

  • Log in to ON24, navigate to your Analytics Dashboard and select API Dashboard from the menu bar
  • Generate an API Key by clicking Provision a New API Access Token
    Helpful Hint: If you have previously provisioned an API Access Token from ON24, you may instead use those existing credentials
  • Copy the Client ID, Token Key, and Token Secret for use later within the Integrate Data Acceleration Platform

2.  Connect ON24 to Integrate

  • Login to the Integrate Data Acceleration Platform
  • Navigate to Settings and select Integration Hub from the menu

  • Locate the ON24 tile from the Integration Library at the bottom of the page and select the "+" icon to open the modal

  • Within the modal, enter a name for the integration with this account and fill in the credentials you collected from your ON24 account

Helpful Hint: We recommend using a naming convention that includes "ON24" and any other identifiers needed to distinguish this integration from your others later on

  • When all information is filled in, click the Integrate button to complete the connection
  • You will see the newly added tile in your System Integrations at the top of the screen

  • If you have multiple ON24 accounts, repeat this process as needed for each account

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