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Financial Permissions

 Restricting CPL Financial Details and Reporting Functionality for Users within your account

** Payout Detail Permissions for any new user added to an account by default is set to enable. When enabled, the platform will display Payout Details and allow for full accessibility (Downloading Leads with CPL details of the Source) as demonstrated by the following two images.


  • When Payout Detail Permissions are disabled at a User level within your account (as shown below) 


  • The platform will redact the Payout information and disable the Download Leads functionality, which discloses the CPL and financial details of the leads within the sources (as shown below). 

**The second aspect of Financial Permissions for a User is to select the Payout Details for their reporting accessibility. Enabling and disabling User / Post Out Log, Payout Summary and more will restrict their ability to retrieve CPL details for the Sources and leads delivered within your account. Also, disabling certain report options at the User level will prohibit the individual from being able to retrieve new or old reports. 

  • Lastly, the above toggled options disables the Users ability to generate new reports as well.  

  • Depending on the permissions set that is assigned to the individual, these report types will either be enabled or disabled. 

**Please note, only Admins within your account can update the Users Management page and adjust the permissions of Users. Adding additional team members as Users will restrict the User Management functionality within your organization for that individual. If you wish to grant full permissions access to a new team member please add them as an Admin.

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