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Insights Dashboard

Integrate’s built-in analytics delivers rich and real-time insights into your marketing campaign activities. Access a global view of all your content syndication campaigns to most effectively allocate budget and make informed, data-driven decisions. The dashboard can be accessed by click Insights > Dashboard.

The dashboard consists of “widgets”, defined as:

Total Leads: The total number of content syndication leads your organization has received
Accepted Leads:
The number of leads that currently exist with the status of accepted
Rejected Leads:
The number of leads that currently exists with a status of rejected
Total Spend:
The sum of the CPL for all accepted leads
Protected Media:
The sum of the CPL for rejected leads

Lead by Month: The number of all leads (accepted and rejected) that have been uploaded to your organization displayed by month

Accepted vs Rejected: Percent of leads that are currently accepted vs. currently rejected

Top Assets: Your top 10 assets that have leads in the platform, listed by the Asset Title field
Top Accounts:
Your top 10 company names that have leads in the platform, listed by the Company Name field

Company Size: Percentage representation of the various company sizes that have leads in the platform
Job Title: Percentage representation of the various job title that have leads in the platform
Industry: Percentage representation of the various industries that have leads in the platform

Region: A geographical breakdown by country and region for each lead in the platform. The larger the circle the more leads.

Left-click and right-click for a deeper and more specific cut of data
Left click any graph bar or segment to filter the entire dashboard based on the data point selected. 

Try these left clicks:
Click to filter by the number of leads you processed in June.
Click to filter on the Accepted Leads. Note how the assets and accounts might change.

Click “clear the selection” in each widget individually.

Right click a data point to reveal a drill-down menu to reveal detailed performance metrics. 

Try these right clicks:
Right click your top performing asset, and select Media Partner.
Right click an account, and select Source.

Click the “x” to remove the drill-down filter in each widget individually.

Combining left- and right-click selections will reveal customized, real-time information.

Try this combination:
Left click your highest performing month.
Left click the number of rejected leads.
Right click the top asset and select Media Partner.

To undo, clear your filters in the reverse order (back out one step at a time):
Click the “x” to clear the Top Assets widget.
Click “Clear selection” on the Accepted and Rejected Leads widget.
Click “Clear selection” on the Leads by Month widget.

Refresh the Data
Refresh the data by clicking the “i” icon on the widget, then click the refresh button.

Download screenshot or spreadsheet
Download a widget screenshot or CSV by clicking the stoplight icon on the widget.


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