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The Benefits of Closed Loop Integrations

Lead Management: Never pay a Media Partner for a bad lead 

The Integrate platform ensures lead quality prior to payment and sending the leads to your MA or CRM platform. However, it is not uncommon to learn more details about a lead after it is processed that can result in disqualifying that lead. For example:

  • Duplicates that have been delivered from other top of funnel sources outside of the Integrate platform
  • Incorrectly labeled opt-in fields
  • Out-dated contact information

Closed Loop integrations provide the ability to “disposition” these leads, enabling marketers to receive a refund from the Media Partner that supplied the original lead. Integrate’s Closed Loop integrations include Marketo Webhooks, an Eloqua App, a Salesforce App and Open API. Each of these integrations let you take advantage of our Closed Loop functionality in your MA or CRM.

Analytics: Visualize down funnel analytics and insights 

Marketers are always seeking better ways to attract and nurture prospects throughout the marketing funnel. Understanding how a lead transitions to each new phase throughout the funnel helps to gain insight into the journey of each prospect.

By leveraging the same disposition functionality used when returning leads, the Integrate platform can consume when a prospect is making positive progress. For example, our Closed Loop integration can send an update to the Integrate platform when a lead has transitioned into an SQL or Closed/Won status. By sending this data back to the Integrate source, you’ll learn how changes in the top of funnel behavior affect the bottom of funnel results.

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