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Social Metadata Overview


Social metadata is system-generated data that is captured from the originating social platform (LinkedIn or Facebook), and can be used for lead routing and tracking. Some examples include fields like LinkedIn Lead ID, Campaign ID or Created Time.

Metadata that accompanies lead data as it is passed through Orchestrate allows you to view the history and details of a lead from its creation point. This helps provide a documented trail for those leads and can be used to route them accordingly within your MA/CRM system.


Available Fields

Friendly Name

Field Token

Example Data -- LinkedIn

Example Data -- Facebook

Lead ID




Created Time







(Sometimes empty)

Form ID




Campaign ID




Lead Type



 (Usually empty)

Coming Soon: Additional fields, including Form Name and Campaign Name, will be added in future releases. If you have questions or feature requests, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Adding Social Metadata to Integrations

You can add social metadata to the following outbound integration to send alongside your lead data. Visit our Adding Social Metadata to Integrations article to learn more.

  • Marketo REST
  • HTTP Raw

Coming Soon: The ability to add social metadata to more MA/CRM integrations. 


Adding Social Metadata to Lead Reports

You can add social metadata within a Lead Report to view alongside your lead data. Visit our Adding Social Metadata to Lead Reports article to learn more.


Please Note: You can add Social metadata tokens to a Source at any time. If the Source has already launched, metadata will be captured for leads going forward. Metadata cannot be pulled in retroactively.

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