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Orchestrate reports can provide lead data and insights into your platform activity across multiple Sources. All reports are saved to your Reports Dashboard and can be downloaded immediately and/or scheduled for ongoing email delivery.

There are six available report types to choose from to provide the data you need in a CSV format. Explanations of each are outlined below.

Lead Report

Provides field level lead data that was uploaded with each lead as well as some available platform generated lead data

  • Data Includes: First Name, Last Name, Email, Timestamp, Lead ID
  • Use Cases
    • Reviewing uploaded lead data
    • Looking at data trends – i.e. Top downloaded assets

Lead Report Fields Tab(1)

Allows you to customize  fields and data that populate columns within your Leads Report 

  • The functionality of this tab is very similar to the Integrations section – i.e. Removing fields(2), using available tokens(3), ability to add static values or liquid markup if needed
  • Multiple fields can be combined using both tokens in a Custom Field(4)
  • Please Note: If your Field Names vary between Sources, you may see multiple field rows corresponding to the same fields – i.e. FirstName and FName
  • Helpful Hint: Using consistent Field Names and lists while building Sources is a best practice to streamline your lead data

Source Report

Provides a summary of Source level data for each selected Source within timeframe specified

  • Data Includes: Source Alias, Total Accepted, Total Rejected, Disposition breakdowns
  • Use Cases
    • Pacing check – Review leads delivered toward lead goal
    • Numbers alignment between systems – i.e. Compare to MA/CRM


Campaign Report

Provides a summary of Campaign level data for each selected Campaign within timeframe specified

  • Data Includes: Campaign Name, Total Campaign Goal, Average CPL, Total Campaign Payout
  • Similar to Source report, from a macro level reporting on activity within Campaign folders

Post Out Log Report

Provides a detailed log of each post out attempt made from Orchestrate to your outbound MA/CRM system within timeframe specified

  • Data Includes: Post out string, response from MA/CRM system, timestamp
  • Use Cases
    • Post out check – Confirm successful responses regularly
    • Troubleshooting post out errors or discrepancies
  • Helpful Columns
    • RequestContent – Full post out string containing all data sent to MA/CRM system
    • ResponseContent – Full response string received from MA/CRM system indicating success or fail/error and possible reason
    • ResponseStatusCode/Reason – Orchestrate's interpretation of response code/reason received, most helpful for Marketo users


Payout Detail Report

Provides payout and status/disposition history of a lead ID in detail

  • Data Includes:  Created timestamp, first accepted timestamp (if applicable), billing status, whether it is a net-new record, etc.


Payout Summary Report

Provides the total payout, net accepted leads, and net-new records on a Source level

Please Note: Access to Orchestrate Reports is based on user permissions within each account. Users may be restricted from pulling certain report types to prevent the sharing of PII.

If you think you have the wrong permissions and need to access a report, check in with your account admin or Integrate team.

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