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Source Selection & Settings

While creating Orchestrate Reports, use these tools to help you make your Source selections and settings adjustments quickly.

Source Selection Tools

Add Sources to your report by checking the selection boxes(1a) in the first column. 

Using the select all checkbox(1b) will add all Sources currently showing on the page. You can update the number of Sources displayed on each page and move through pages from the pagination bar(1c).

As you add, your selected Source number and Auto-Add settings(1d) will update. 

These additional tools are available to further assist you in adding Sources to your report quickly:

  • Column sorting(2a) – Click on a set of arrows next to the column header to sort or reverse sort
  • Search Sources(2b) – Enter your exact or partial match search term and hit Enter to submit
  • Show Only Selected(2c) – Slide to activate and hide any unselected Sources
  • Status filter(2d) – Choose which Source statuses are showing
  • Sidebars(2e) – See the sections below for more details on our Filter, Auto-Add, and Settings sidebars

Helpful Hint: Event Sources will list your account name under ‘Media Partner’ and the ‘Type’ will show as ‘CPL.’

Filter Sidebar

Allows you to filter Sources shown in the Sources table by either Campaign or Media Partner view(3a)

  • Filters in place will display along the top(3b) of the Sources table 
  • Use search(3c) to narrow the list 
  • The total number(3d) of Campaigns/Media Partners is displayed at the top and navigation arrows at the bottom load more results
  • Remove filters individually by deselecting from the list or clicking the ‘X’
  • Clear All(3e) will remove all filters in place 

Helpful Hint: Watch the total number of Sources within your filtered view to be sure you’ve added all desired Sources. 

Auto-Add Sidebar

Allows you to auto-add any NEW Sources to your report by either Campaign, Account or Media Partner(3a)

  • Use search(3b) to narrow the list – Hit ‘Enter’ to submit
  • The total number(3c) of Campaigns/Media Partners is displayed at the top and navigation arrows at the bottom load more results
  • An Auto-Add counter(1b) will display in the top right corner indicating the number of auto-add settings you have toggled on

Helpful Hint: To add ALL future Sources within your account to your report, switch to the Account view(3a) and switch on the toggle next to your account name.


Settings Sidebar

Provides additional settings depending on the report type selected

  • Lead Report
    • Status(5a) – Include Accepted and/or Rejected leads in downloaded report
    • File preferences(5b) – Choose whether to consolidate leads into one file or deliver a separate CSV for each Source 
    • Helpful Hint: Lead Reports also allow you to customize the Fields that populate within the CSV
  • Campaign Report – Determine which Campaign statuses(5c) are included in your report 
  • Source or Payout Detail/Summary Report – Determine which Source statuses(5d) are included in your report

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Having Trouble?

Here are some tips that help users through this area of the platform…

  • Can’t find a Source? Check your filters and/or search term to ensure you’re using the exact or partial Source Alias. Hit Enter to submit the search query.
  • Missing a few Sources? When using the Select All box, be sure to check for additional pages. You can expand the number of Sources per page up to 100 if needed.

If you still need help, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your Integrate team.

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