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Generating & Scheduling Reports

Once you have created a report and added your Sources and settings, you can then generate or schedule your report to be delivered in a CSV format. 

Please Note: Access to Orchestrate Reports is based on user permissions within each account. Unsure about your permissions? Check in with your account admin or Integrate team.

Generating a Report

To download a one-time report, click the Generate(1) button to open the Generate Report modal.

Select the time period(2a) you would like your report to include and the email address(es)(2b) of the recipient(s). Additional detail on these options is available below.

Click Generate(2c) to submit and a pop-up notification will confirm your report is processing.

When your report is ready, the recipients will receive an email titled Your Integrate Report(3a) from

Click the link(3c) to access the report. This will open your web browser to download the CSV file securely within your Orchestrate account. 

Helpful Hint: Add us to your safe sender list to avoid these notifications going into your junk folder –

Please Note: 

  • Orchestrate operates on UTC time so all dates selected will start/end according to this timezone
  • Report processing times may vary depending on the size of the report
  • To ensure compliance, reports are not attached to the notification email and only the authorized report recipients are able to utilize the download link
  • Your web browser will need to allow downloads from

Details on Time Period(2a)

  • Preset selections– Today, Yesterday, Last 30 days, etc. (according to UTC time)
  • All Time – Will include all data from the lifetime of your selected Sources
  • Custom – Will open date picker to select your own start/end date (according to UTC time)

Details on Email Address(2b)

  • Your email address will auto-populate first
  • Want to add more recipients? Click the ‘+’ button, type in an email address, and click the ‘+’ again to submit 
  • Be sure all users have an Orchestrate account with the correct permissions before adding them

Scheduling a Report

To schedule a report to be delivered on a recurring basis, navigate to the Schedules(4) tab within your report.

Customize the CSV Filename(5a), Email Subject(5b), and Email Body(5c) to help you identify and utilize this report upon receipt. 

Select Create Schedule(6) to open the Create Scheduler pop-up modal.

Within the Create Scheduler pop-up modal, you have the following available options…

  • Recipients(6a)
    • Separate each email address with a comma, add all user emails you wish to receive this report on this cadence
    • Recipients must also have the correct user permissions within this Orchestrate account
  • Data Settings(6b)
    • Current – Will include only net new data from the last time the report was sent
    • Cumulative – Will include all data from the lifetime of the Sources selected
  • Select Interval(6c)
    • Runs – Daily or Monthly – Choose whether you’d like your report to run on specific days every week (i.e. Mondays and Wednesdays) or on specific dates each month (i.e. the 1st and the 15th)
    • Ends On – Indicate the date you want to stop sending this scheduled report. This will default to today’s date and must be moved out.
  • Select Run Times(6d)
    • Time(s) – Choose the time(s) you would like this report to run, you may select multiple times. 
    • Please Note: These are always listed in Arizona time (does not observe daylight savings time).

Once set, the Upcoming Run Times(6e) section will update with the next times your report will run according to the timezone specified within your Organization Settings.

Click Create & Attach(6f) to submit and add this schedule to your report. 

You can add multiple schedules to a report and edit(7a), delete(7b) or deactivate(7c) existing schedules as needed.

On your Reports Dashboard, this new scheduled report will first appear in the Upcoming Run Times(8) column on as ‘Pending’. Once it generates successfully the first time, it will display the next run date and time.


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Having Trouble?

Here are some tips that help users through this area of the platform…

  • Haven’t received your report? Check your junk folder for and add us to your safe sender list
  • Think you received incorrect data in your report? Check the Sources selected and dates included. Orchestrate operates on UTC time so all dates selected will start/end according to this timezone
  • Unable to download report from the link? Check your browser’s pop-up blocker and update to allow downloads from
  • Have the wrong permissions for reporting? This may have been restricted intentionally to prevent the sharing of PII. Check in with your account admin or Integrate team. 

If you still need help, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your Integrate team.

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