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Reports Dashboard


Orchestrate reports can provide lead data and insights into your platform activity across multiple Sources. There are six available report types to choose from to provide the data you need in a CSV format.

This dashboard houses all saved reports and allows you to create a report to be immediately downloaded or scheduled for an ongoing email delivery. This article will outline the views and tools available within your Reports Dashboard.

Please Note: Access to Reports is based on user permissions within each account. Unsure about your permissions? Check in with your account admin or Integrate team. 

Reports Dashboard

To view the Reports Dashboard, navigate to the Insights(1a) > Reports(1b) section.

This page allows you to view a list of your existing reports which can be filtered(2a), sorted (2b) or searched for(2c)

Helpful Hints:

  • When searching for a report by name, hit Enter to submit your exact search term
  • Try using the popular My Reports Only filter button to narrow your view
  • Upcoming Run Times will appear after a scheduled report has been generated for the first time

To begin creating a report, you can either create a new report(2d) or clone an existing report(2e). Full instructions for both are outlined in our Creating Reports article. 

All reports are delivered as a CSV file and can be immediately downloaded and/or you can customize an ongoing report delivery schedule.

Deleting a Report

To delete a report, open the stoplight icon to access the additional options menu and click Delete(2f).

Please Note: Deleting a report is an irreversible action. Be mindful of other users working in the same account.


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