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Integrate Social Process Requirements & Best Practices

For a seamless Social build and launch process, make note of the requirements and recommendations corresponding to your role within the Integrate Social process.

Please note, this article is focused on process specifics. If this is your first time building a Social source, full instructions for the build and launch process can be found here -- LinkedIn or Facebook

Social Process Requirements & Best Practices

  1.  Build lead gen forms within LinkedIn Campaign Manager / Facebook Business Page
    • Requirement – Finalize your lead gen forms before proceeding 
      • This will prevent any future disruption or additional work needed
      • Please note, a change in your lead gen form after Integrate Sources are built (i.e. form names, field names, allowed values) could disrupt the connection and a new connection may need to be established
    • Best Practices
      • Be consistent with field naming conventions (i.e. use Work Email or Email on all forms) – This helps provide consistent reporting later 
      • Use only alphanumeric characters in custom field names – Avoid any punctuation (other than underscores) and avoid special characters in localized languages when possible

  2.  Activate lead gen forms within LinkedIn Campaign Manager / Facebook Business Page

    • Requirement – Lead gen forms must be set to ACTIVE status in order to begin building within Integrate Orchestrate platform
      • Connection cannot be established in any other status (Draft, Complete, etc.)
      • They should be attached to a campaign, but do not need to be running ads yet
    • Best Practice – Don’t begin promoting ads just yet!
      • Hold off on attaching ads to the form until after build and launch of Integrate Sources complete
      • This will prevent leads from being collected before the Integrate connection is tested and established

  3.  Build Social Sources within Integrate Orchestrate platform

    • Requirements  The following details must be specified ahead of time and communicated to the user responsible for building within Orchestrate…
      • Desired validation filters (i.e. email validation, only allowing certain countries, etc.) – Integrate will block any leads that do not match these filters from entering your MA/CRM system
      • Specific values or formatting needed for data entering your MA/CRM fields (i.e. two letter country abbreviations)
    • Best Practice – Update the Source Alias 
      • The Orchestrate platform currently creates a Social Source for each social campaign / form combination.
      • For easier tracking, having a unique alias for each lead gen form is helpful to identify these between systems.

  4. Test & Launch Social Sources within Integrate Orchestrate platform

  5.  Begin promotion of ads within LinkedIn Campaign Manager / Facebook Business Page

  6.  Monitor alignment between all systems to ensure successful lead delivery

    • Best Practice – Review and resolve any Rejected leads within Orchestrate


After launch, please immediately notify the Integrate team* and/or user responsible for managing Social activity within Orchestrate if any of the following changes have/will occur…

  • Changes made to a lead gen form within LinkedIn Campaign Manager / Facebook Business Page (i.e. changes to form names, field names, or allowed values)
  • Changes occurred with your Connector Authenticator (user who authenticated the LinkedIn / Facebook account within Orchestrate) (i.e. changes to their permission level or password)

* Please note, any changes to forms, connections, or users including those listed above may require additional work and time needed to correct and re-establish lead flow

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