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Lead Fulfillment Dashboard


The Lead Fulfillment Dashboard gives marketers a visual look at the pacing of their Sources quickly and easily. This dashboard can be set up to show the progress of Source fulfillment across multiple CPL Campaigns and/or media partners. Additional Source details, such as number of leads processed and days remaining, can also be viewed with a quick hover-over reveal.

Please Note: This dashboard is for use with CPL Sources only. Other Campaign types (Social, Webinar, etc.) will not show up in this display.

Lead Fulfillment Dashboard

Within the Insights section, navigate to the Fulfillment sub-section to access the dashboard.

VIEW -- You may choose to view your Sources by Campaign or Media Partner

Click the '+' button to add a new grouping of Sources from a Campaign / Media Partner to your current view. Active CPL Campaigns that have lead activity within the last six months will display in alphabetical order. 

Select from the list or search for a specific Campaign /  Media Partner and repeat as needed to display all desired Source groupings. You may add as many tabs as you like.

Please Note: This dashboard will only display CPL Campaigns with activity in the last six months. Campaigns outside those parameters will not appear in search results.

When viewing a Campaign / Media Partner, all associated Sources display with the most recently updated at the top. The Y-axis will display your Source Alias and the X-axis will display the Percent to Goal.

Hovering over the Source will display additional details including...

  • Campaign / Media Partner – In Campaign view, Media Partner name displays (and vice versa)
  • Days Remaining –  The number of days remaining until the Source End Date (if applicable)
  • Fulfillment – The number of Accepted leads vs. Total Source Allocation
  • Pacing – The selected pacing option(s) set on the Source (if applicable)

View by Campaign:

View by Media Partner:

Source Display Options (All Views)

  • Sources are sorted chronologically starting with the most recently updated
  • By default, 25 sources will display, but you may opt to view more in the Show menu
  • A running count of displayed Sources will always appear above the dashboard

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