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Review & Resolve Rejected Leads within an Event Source

Utilizing the Integrate Events lead management solution involves connecting several systems (Integrate Events, Integrate Orchestrate, and your MA/CRM system). Thorough testing of all connection points prior to your event date will help ensure seamless automated lead delivery.

As a best practice, or in the event of lead delivery hold-up, we recommend monitoring inbound leads within your Orchestrate Events Sources after your event to ensure all valid leads were Accepted and allowed to pass through to your MA/CRM system.

Use the below instructions to review any Rejected leads within your Event Source and resolve any leads that may have been unintentionally blocked that you do consider valid and want to pass through into your system.

How to Review & Resolve Rejected Leads

1. Navigate to the Summary tab within your Event Source

2. Select ‘Download Leads’ and select the following settings within the modal

Special character note: If working with special characters and/or languages other than English, be sure to download as an .xlsx file to preserve those characters.

3. Review the ‘Disposition Code’ and ‘Custom Reason’ columns for each Rejected lead to determine the Rejection reason and action needed.

If the Rejected lead has been…

  1.    Blocked for a valid rejection reason and you want them to STAY Rejected
    • Delete these line items from the Excel file to keep them in the Rejected status
    • Ex: ‘REJECT_LEAD_INVALID_EMAIL’ means the email address is not valid and that lead was correctly rejected. Remove these from your downloaded file.
  2.    Blocked unintentionally and you DO want it to be Accepted
    • Keep all data for these line items on your Excel file (especially LeadID) and determine the resolution needed to reupload successfully 
    • Ex: ‘REJECT_LEAD_INVALID_LIST_VALUE’ means a value came in that was not on your assigned picklist within Orchestrate. 
      • You'll need to adjust / add the new value to the Orchestrate picklist to allow this value going forward 
      • If any list mappers are applied to that Orchestrate picklist, be sure to also update / add a corresponding list value for this updated picklist value

Integrate systems best practice: Ensure any adjustments are made to your Orchestrate Event Source Fields to mirror the set-up of your Integrate Events Form where your data is being collected to allow it to properly pass through your Orchestrate platform.

4. Once all Rejection reasons and resolutions are resolved, save your Excel file as a .csv

  • Be sure to ONLY include the leads that need to be re-uploaded, remove any leads that should stay Rejected
  • Leave all platform data in Columns A-K as is (especially LeadID, the platform uses that to recognize the lead and update it)

Special character note: Once saved as a .csv, do not re-open the file. This will cause any special characters to lose their formatting.

5. Navigate back to the Summary tab within your Event Source and select ‘Upload Leads’ to upload your .csv file using our modal

6. Once processed, review the new Accepted/Rejected lead statuses

  • Please allow up to 30 minutes for leads to process before attempting another file upload. If leads remain in the ‘Processing Leads’ status, please contact your Integrate team for additional support
  • Repeat the above process as needed to resolve any additional unintentionally Rejected leads and push them through

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