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Building a Social Source -- Facebook

Building a Facebook Social Source within your Integrate instance will initiate and route lead flow into Integrate from your Facebook Business Page and then out to your MA/CRM system.

Before you begin building

  1. Connect your Facebook Business Page – Must be done first to establish the connection from your Facebook Business Page(s) and allow lead flow into your Integrate instance
  2. Build an Integrate Social Campaign – Must have a Social Campaign to house Social Sources
  3. Collect Social Source Build Details
    • Facebook Page – Must first be authenticated within your Integrate instance
    • Facebook Form – List exactly as shown within Facebook, must be FINAL, only fields within this form will be passed into Integrate (Excluding custom checkbox)
      • If Facebook Form is changed, a NEW Integrate Source will need to be created
      • Custom checkbox data cannot currently be passed into Integrate, please use a Yes/No dropdown to collect that data within Facebook instead 
    • Lead Routing Specifics – If needed, chat with your Ops team to determine if you have additional values that are needed to accompany the lead data from Integrate into your MA/CRM system to route them properly (Example: LeadSource = Facebook)

If you would like a template to help with this or if this is your first time building an Integrate Social Source, please contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager.

Process questions? While you're working through the steps below, use our Social Process Requirements & Best Practices article to help you achieve a seamless Social build and launch process.

How to Create a Facebook Source

Within the Campaigns section, navigate to the Social Campaign you created to house this new Social Source. 

Select the “Add New Source” button from the top right corner to display the “Add Social Sourcepop-up modal.

Enter the following collected details that correspond to the Source you are creating:

  • Social Integration – Must first be authenticated within your Integrate instance

  • Facebook Page – Pulls directly from your connected & available Facebook Business Pages
  • Facebook Form– Pulls directly from list of available Facebook lead gen forms within your selected Facebook account
    • HINT: Be sure these are the FINAL forms you wish to use in promotion! If you need to edit/switch forms once you have begun building within Integrate you will need to create a new Integrate Source
    • Facebook Note: Custom checkbox data cannot currently be passed into Integrate, please use a Yes/No dropdown to collect that data within Facebook instead

Once you select "Add," your Social Source will be created and you will be routed to the Source Summary tab to complete the set-up.

Source Summary Tab

On this tab, you can give your source a “nickname” (aka Source Alias) to help you identify it.

Click on the bold title at the top that begins with “Editing…” to open the editor. Then type your desired Source Alias and it will save automatically when you click elsewhere.

HINT: We recommend making the Source Alias match the Facebook Form. Use a naming convention that will help you identify it later on.

Fields Tab

All fields set-up within the selected Facebook Form have been automatically added as Integrate fields. On this tab, you'll be able to apply any desired validations to these locked fields.

Facebook Note: Facebook does not pass custom checkbox data into the Integrate system. You will need to use a Yes/No dropdown instead to collect and pass that data.

Click on a field row to open the corresponding Field Details panel and reveal the available validations for that field type. Add the validations you wish to apply to this social source to block any unwanted leads.

IMPORTANT: Any validations you apply within Integrate will block the lead from being uploaded into the platform, and mark it as “Rejected,” but will not “return” the lead to Facebook. Rejected leads will not be accepted and passed to your MA/CRM system but they will still be considered billable by Facebook.

Best Practice: Use these field validations sparingly for social sources. Only block the leads you absolutely do not want sent to you under any circumstances. (Example: Competitor email domains)

If any of your Facebook Form fields were using a picklist, you'll want to create and apply an identical picklist within the Integrate platform to allow those values to flow in.

Best Practice: Create your needed lists within your Integrate account the first time and add "Facebook" to the list name to access and use for all Facebook Sources going forward.

Facebook Note: If Facebook is collecting information in a picklist format that doesn't correspond to the values you need passed to your MA/CRM System, you can apply a list mapper on the outbound integration. For instructions, see our “Creating List Mappers” and “Applying List Mappers” articles.

Default Terms Tab

These terms have been carried over from the default settings you set-up during the creation of your Integrate Social Campaign. On the Source level, you can apply de-duplication rules or add a tag to help group or report on your Sources. 

  • De-dupe rules will be available if either an Email or Phone field is present on the fields page
  • It is most common to leave de-dupe rules off for Social Sources as any leads rejected as duplicates will still be considered billable by Facebook

Integrations Tab

ON this tab, you will add your outbound integration to configure the exact way these leads will flow out to your MA/CRM system. Select “Add Integration” to choose whether to start from scratch or "Load from Existing" to copy an existing set-up.

For more details on your specific integration type and instructions for that set-up, see the “Integrations” section of our KnowledgeBase. 

When you’ve completed your Integration set-up, don’t forget to save & test to confirm the leads will successfully send to and then route properly within your MA/CRM system.

Launching Your Social Source

The final step to initiate lead flow is to select the "Launch" button.

Lead flow will now be continuous from Facebook into Integrate, where they will be validated and any Accepted leads will be routed into your MA/CRM system.

Process questions? While you're working through the steps above, use our Social Process Requirements & Best Practices article to help you achieve a seamless Social build and launch process.

Social Source Lead Management

As a best practice, once launched, we recommend monitoring inbound leads within your Social Sources regularly to ensure all valid leads are passing through. You can review and resolve any Rejected leads if needed.

Otherwise, you'll want to monitor lead flow to ensure system alignment from Facebook, Integrate, and then within your MA/CRM system. Scheduling a Source Report and Post Out Log Report to be sent to you weekly will help keep you in the loop. 

Sync up with all involved team members to establish a workflow that works for your team!

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