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Preparing to Build a Facebook Source

Before you begin… 

Prior to building a Facebook Source within Integrate, you must create a Social Campaign to house your social sources. See our “Building a Social Campaign” article for details and instructions on that before proceeding.

Preparing to Build a Facebook Source

Properly preparing to build your Facebook sources will ensure you collect all the necessary info and are able to build quickly and efficiently. Your Integrate team can provide a template to start with or, based on your specifics, you may have created your own.

Summary of info needed:

  • Facebook Page [REQUIRED] Pulls directly from your connected & available Facebook Business Pages
  • Facebook Form[REQUIRED] Pulls directly from list of available Facebook lead gen forms within your selected Facebook Account
    • Be sure these are the FINAL forms you wish to use in promotion! If you need to edit/switch forms once you have begun building within Integrate you will need to create a new Integrate Source
    • Facebook note: Facebook does not pass checkbox data into the Integrate system. You will need to use a dropdown for any 'Opt-In' fields instead of a checkbox
  • Additional routing specifics
    • You may have additional values that are needed to accompany the lead data from Integrate into your MA/CRM system to route them properly (Example: LeadSource = Facebook)
    • Chat with your Ops team to determine what those are ahead of time, so you are able to add them to your outbound integration set-up

Once you've collected all of the above details and created your Social Campaign, you're ready to begin building! See our “Building a Facebook Source” article for next steps!

Please reach out to your Integrate team if…

  • This is the first time your team is building a social source! The Integrate team will walk through the process with you to get you started.
  • Or, if you have opted-to add on managed services! In that case, your Integrate team will build & manage these social sources for you.

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