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Facebook Integration Authentication

The purpose of connecting your Facebook Business Page to your Integrate instance is to allow lead flow from your Facebook Business Page into your Integrate instance.

If this is your first time authenticating, your Integrate team will walk through the process with you to get you started. If you are repeating authentication for an additional Facebook connection, please also be sure loop in your Integrate team at this time!

Facebook Authentication Quick Facts:

  • This connection allows lead flow from a Facebook Business Page --> Integrate instance
  • Our access is granted through a Facebook Admin level user within that Facebook Business Page (See permission levels needed below)
  • This connection is done entirely through OAuth with a temporary token, so Integrate NEVER receives or stores your login information
  • Our OAuth token currently lasts 90-days before reauthentication is needed
    • Integrate will send reminders in advance (+75 days)
    • See our Reauthentication section below for quick instructions!

Who can complete authentication?

Our connection to Facebook is based on a user and we are granted access based their level of permissions. Therefore, authentication to establish that connection must be completed by a Facebook user that has permissions within Facebook to Manage Pages & Leads Retrieval on Facebook Business Page level.

They will be referenced as your “Connector Authenticator” going forward!

In most cases, your Connector Authenticator will already have (or can be given) an Integrate login to complete this within their own Integrate user account. However, if your Connector Authenticator cannot have their own Integrate login (i.e. if they're from your agency) please work with your Integrate team to recommend a plan of action.

Facebook Note: If a user is the Connector Authenticator for multiple Facebook pages running social activity via an Integrate Social Integration, they will need to authenticate each of those Facebook pages within each Integrate instance.

How to Authenticate

Within the Settings section, navigate to the Integration Hub page from the sub-navigation.

From the list of available integrations within the “Integrations Library” at the bottom of the page, locate the Facebook integration. Select the plus (+) sign in the top left corner above the Facebook logo to open the modal.

You will then be presented with a modal to authenticate the connection to one of your Facebook Business Page.

Hit the blue “Authenticate” button to open the series of pop-ups from Facebook to grant Integrate permissions via your user account. Be sure to allow pop-ups from to complete this step!

In the first pop-up, enter or confirm your Facebook user info. (Remember, Integrate never receives or stores this information!)

The next pop-ups will ask you to confirm the Facebook Business Page you wish to connect to Integrate and then select the level of permissions you'd like to grant. Be sure to leave all options set to "YES" to ensure a successful connection.

Work through the subsequent pop-up prompts and hit “OK” to complete this step!

Once redirected into the Integrate platform, type in a name for your integration in the text box. This will only be used within Integrate for you to distinguish your Facebook integrations. If you will have more than one, be specific in your naming conventions!

To complete the process, hit the blue “Integrate” button in the top right corner of the modal. You will now see your new Facebook integration saved alongside any other existing “System Integrations” within your Integration Hub.

Now that your Facebook integration is authenticated, the next step is to build out your Facebook Campaign/Sources within Integrate!

Ready to build? First time? We can help!

Your Integrate team will help prepare you for what is needed to build social sources by providing a deliverables template to help you collect your details. Then we will schedule time to walk through this process with you the first time together!

Or, if you if you have opted for a full managed service package, we’ll review the build process and timeline for our team to build your first social sources.

See our additional social articles for more details... Building a Social CampaignPreparing to Build a Facebook Source, and Building a Facebook Source. 


In order to keep the connection to your Facebook Business Page, you will need to reauthenticate or re-establish our connection if either...

  • 90 days has passed since initial authentication / last reauthentication – Integrate will remind you in advance to complete this! (+75 days)
  • Connector Authenticator's (Facebook Admin) permission levels change within Facebook – If their access is revoked, so is ours! Please let us know if you anticipate this happening. (See permission levels needed below)

If either of these occurs, the connection from Facebook to Integrate will be voided until reestablished. Any leads that came in to Facebook during that time will not be posted out to Integrate but are still accessible within Facebook. Integrate is not responsible for data not posted from Facebook to Integrate as a result of either scenario above.

Who can complete reauthentication?

Your initial Connector Authenticator (who has the correct Admin level permissions within the Facebook Business Page) will need to complete this within Integrate since their Facebook login credentials will be needed again

In most cases, your Connector Authenticator will already have (or can be given) an Integrate login to complete this within their own Integrate user account. However, if your Connector Authenticator cannot have their own Integrate login (i.e. if they're from your agency) please work with your Integrate team to recommend a plan of action. 

You can switch the Facebook user who is your Connector Authenticator ONLY if the new user also has the correct permissions. Your Connector Authenticator MUST have the permissions within Facebook to Manage Pages & Leads Retrieval on Facebook Business Page level.

How to Reauthenticate Your Facebook Integration

From within the Integration Hub, open your Facebook Integration and click the "Reauthenticate" button. Follow the same steps to login with the Connector Authenticator's Facebook credentials and allow Integrate access. 

Integrate will send a reminder to the Connector Authenticator from the platform at the +75 day mark to prompt you to reauthenticate before your 90-day token expiration date. Please let your Integrate Customer Success Manager know if you are completing a reauthentication or authenticating an additional Facebook connection! 

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