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Building an Integrate Webinar Campaign

Before you begin...

Decide on the hierarchy of your Integrate Webinar Campaigns and Sources. For more details and help determine this with your team, see our Integrate Campaigns & Sources article.

Creating an Integrate Webinar Campaign

  • Within the Campaigns section, navigate to My Campaigns from the sub-navigation

  • Select Create Campaign from the top right corner of the My Campaigns page

  • From within the Type of Campaign modal select Webinar and then choose Continue

Please Note: If you do not have the webinar feature enabled for your user, you will not be able to select this option. Please reach out to your Integrate Customer Success Manager for assistance or to get started with webinar integrations.

  • Your Campaign will be created and you will be routed to view the General Settings tab
  • Fill in these details accordingly...
    • Campaign Name[REQUIRED] Recommend including the term “Webinar” or use your own naming convention to distinguish this from other webinar campaigns
    • Campaign Description – Optional text box for notes
    • Timezone [REQUIRED] Select your timezone
    • Start / End Date –  This will set the default dates for your Sources. Recommend leaving end date off initially for all webinar activity and then set end dates to 'close out' when lead flow completed
    • Campaign Total Goal – Recommend leaving set to 'None' since there is no set goal for webinars

  • Move to the Default Terms tab to fill in these details accordingly...
    • Default Total Allocation Per Source[REQUIRED] This is a placeholder value to set the default value for Sources. Recommend setting to a very large number like “100000” since lead goals are not typically set for webinars 
    • Default Payout Amount[REQUIRED] This is a placeholder value to set the default value for Sources. Recommend leaving at $0 since webinar lead pricing is not CPL based 
    • Tag – Optional to add tag if desired

  • Once all details are populated, select Create Campaign to to finish your campaign set-up!

If you’re ready to begin building out your webinar sources, please see our how-to articles within the Webinar Integrations section of the KnowledgeBase.

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