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Webinar Connectors -- Getting Started

Demand Orchestration: Connect Webinar Leads via the Integrate Platform

Integrate’s webinar solution can help you create actionable data not only to boost your pipeline, but avoid flooding your marketing automation platform or CRM with data that doesn’t belong.

  • Integrate takes webinar leads directly from webinar platforms ON24 & BrightTALK and routes intelligent data to MA and CRM systems
  • The platform standardizes, validates, and enriches webinar leads to prioritize the best ones for follow up
  • Gain a holistic view of webinar performance using Integrate’s analytical capabilities and compare results with other demand channels

Visit Integrate’s Webinar Solution page for more benefits.

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Ready to get started with our webinar connectors?

Here is an overview of the process that your Integrate team will walk through with you:

  1.   Enable the Connector
    • Integrate will need to enable the webinar connector for your team within your instance of the platform.
  2.   Connect Your Webinar Platform(s)
    • Add the credentials for your ON24 and/or BrightTALK account to your Integrate instance's Integration Hub.
    • For more information, see our article on Connecting Your Webinar Platform
  3.   Build Webinar Campaign & Sources

    • Your Integrate team will help guide you through the process of building a Webinar Campaign & Source within your instance of the platform.

      • Or if you have opted for a full managed service package, we’ll review that process with you to get started.

    • For more information, see our articles [COMING SOON!] Building a Webinar Campaign, Preparing to Build a Webinar Source, and Building a Webinar Source

  4.   Manage Webinar Lead Flow
    • We will recommend best practices for your team to ensure your webinar leads are flowing successfully.

Reach out to your Integrate Customer Success Manager to get started.

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