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Building a Source for Lead Uploads via API

Integrate allows you to create sources for specific self-serve webinar platforms and channels to capture engagements through your online events.

  • You must first publish an Integrate Campaign. Click here for help publishing an Integrate Campaign.
  • This is not a Media Partner source. If your Media Partner is responsible for uploading leads from online events on your behalf, refer to Creating Sources for Media Partners.

Navigate to your published Integrate Campaign. Select Add New Source.

Select Add Event Source.

Verify that the source has been successfully created by confirming that the Marketer and Media Partner assignments are the same.

There are two ways to upload records into the event source. 

  1. Click here for manual upload instructions.
  2. For direct integration using API, the event platform must allow you to create a simple HTTP Post API. The required components can be found under the Delivery section at the bottom of the Event Source Summary.

The following components are recommended:

  • Post URL - identifies the source into which the leads are posted
  • Post Body String (Payload) - identifies the field names and values to be captured

Check with your webinar platform's support team for instructions on how to build within their platform.

  • Click here for BrightTalk API instructions.

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