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LinkedIn -- Preparing to Build

Preparing to Build a LinkedIn Source

Before you begin… 

Prior to building a LinkedIn Source within Integrate, you must create a Social Campaign to house your social sources. See our “Building a Social Campaign” article for details and instructions on that before proceeding.

Preparing to Build a LinkedIn Source

Properly preparing to build your LinkedIn sources will ensure you collect all the necessary info and are able to build quickly and efficiently. Your Integrate team can provide a template to start with or, based on your specifics, you may have created your own.

Summary of info needed:

  • LinkedIn Integration – [REQUIRED] Corresponds to the LinkedIn Sponsored Account, if you only have one connected account you won’t need this specified
  • LinkedIn Campaign – [REQUIRED] Pulls directly from list of ACTIVE LinkedIn Campaigns within your selected LinkedIn Account
  • LinkedIn Campaign Form – [REQUIRED] Pulls directly from list of available forms within your selected LinkedIn Account
  • Additional routing specifics – You may have additional values that are needed to accompany the lead data from Integrate into your MA/CRM system to route them properly. Determine what those are ahead of time, so you are able to add them to your outbound integration set-up. Example: LeadSource = Integrate

Relation of LinkedIn Campaigns/Forms to Integrate Sources 

It is important to note that each source created within Integrate will correspond to one combination of a selected LinkedIn Campaign and LinkedIn Form. This means that when a lead comes in through the selected LinkedIn Campaign and uses the selected LinkedIn Form to fill in their information, that lead’s data will flow into that specific Integrate source.

This LinkedIn Campaign/Form relationship will depend on the set-up within your LinkedIn Sponsored Account. 

Example A) One LinkedIn Campaign using two different LinkedIn Forms…

Example B) Two different LinkedIn Campaigns using the same LinkedIn Form…

If you are not the team member who manages these and need clarity on how this relationship will work with your LinkedIn lead gen programs, we recommend syncing up with your LinkedIn Admin to confirm before building.

If you’re ready to begin building your sources, see our “Building a LinkedIn Source” articles for next steps!

Please reach out to your Integrate team if…

  • This is the first time your team is building a social source! The Integrate team will walk through the process with you to get you started.
  • Or, if you have opted-to add on managed services! In that case, your Integrate team will build & manage these social sources for you.

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