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Building a Social Campaign

Before you begin building your social Campaign, you’ll want to be sure you understand the difference between an Integrate Campaign and Source. See our “Campaigns vs. Sources” article for more details.

You will likely want to create an overarching Social Campaign within Integrate to house your Social Sources (which can be from LinkedIn and/or Facebook). You can create multiple Social Campaigns to group your sources however it makes sense for your team.

  • For example: If you have multiple geographic regions running different social programs, you could create a social campaign for each region and label them “Social - US” and “Social - EMEA” to differentiate them.
  • Or some customers just create one social campaign for each quarter!

Think about how you would like to see them represented on the dashboard and reporting to best monitor these. It’s up to you, but we can help make a recommendation so let us know if you need guidance.

How to Create a Social Campaign

Within the Campaigns section, navigate to the My Campaigns page from the sub-navigation. Select the “Create Campaign” button from the top right corner and choose “Create” under the Social section from the pop-up modal.

You will then be taken to the “General Settings” page within your new Social Campaign. Fill in these fields according to your specifications and be sure to complete all required fields before moving on…

  • Campaign Name – [REQUIRED] Recommend including “Social” or use your specific naming convention to distinguish if you will have multiple campaigns like in the examples above
  • Campaign Description – Optional text box for notes
  • Timezone – [REQUIRED] Select your timezone
  • Start / End Date – Recommend leaving end date open ended for now (Note: The end date of your Campaign will not pause the sources within the Campaign, but it will set the default end date for any new sources)
  • Campaign Total Goal – Recommend leaving set to “None” since there is no set goal for social programs

Move on to your “Default Terms” page to fill in those required fields…

  • Default Total Allocation Per Source – [REQUIRED] Recommend setting to a very large number like “1000000” since lead goals are not typically set for social programs (Note: This will set the default goal for all sources to the same high number which will essentially not set a cap. We will be switching this to optional in the future!)
  • Default Payout Amount – [REQUIRED] Recommend leaving at $0 since social lead pricing is not CPL based (Note: This will set the default payout amount for all sources. We will be switching this to optional in the future!)
  • Tag – Recommend adding a “Social” tag to help with tracking & reporting within Integrate

Once all Campaign fields are completed, select “Create Campaign” to finish your campaign set-up!

If you’re ready to begin building your sources, please see our how-to articles within the Social Connectors section of the KnowledgeBase.

Please reach out to your Integrate team if…

  • This is the first time your team is building a social campaign! The Integrate team will walk through the process with you to get you started.
  • Or, if you have opted-to add on managed services! In that case, your Integrate team will build & manage these social campaigns for you.

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