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Social Connectors -- Getting Started

Demand Orchestration: Social Leads from Facebook and LinkedIn

Leads convert better when you follow up faster. Integrate’s social connectors allow you capitalize on speed and accuracy- the good leads show up in your database right away, boosting your pipeline with opportunities to convert and drive revenue.

  • Our API integration provides more complete and actionable data for faster sales outreach
  • Integrate’s expert services team will partner with you to reduce manual processing time and navigate the new social demand generation frontier
  • We provide clean, intelligent and sourced data, giving you the analytics you need to quantify your social demand efforts

Visit Integrate’s Social Solutions page for more benefits.

Ready to get started with our social connectors?

Here is an overview of the process that your Integrate team will walk through with you:

  1.   Enable the Connector
    • Integrate will need to enable the LinkedIn and/or Facebook connector(s) for your team within your instance of the platform.
  2.   Connector Authentication
  3.   Build First Social Campaign & Sources

    • Your Integrate team will help prepare you for what is needed to build Social Campaigns & Sources by providing a deliverables template to help you collect your details.

    • Then, we will schedule time to help walk you through the build of your first Social Campaign & Source within your instance of the platform.

      • Or if you have opted for a full managed service package, we’ll review that process with you to get started.

    • For more information, see our how-to articles within the Social Connectors section of the KnowledgeBase.

  4.   Manage Social Lead Flow
    • We will recommend best practices for your team to ensure your social leads are flowing successfully once live.

Reach out to your Integrate Customer Success Manager to get started.

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