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Social Connectors -- Getting Started

Demand Orchestration: Social Leads from Facebook and LinkedIn

Using Integrate’s LinkedIn and Facebook connectors, you can amplify your social demand generation efforts and increase pipeline impact.

You can now send lead data captured from prospects using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms or Facebook Lead Ads campaigns through your Integrate instance! Integrate routes that lead data through our platform and delivers only complete, valid and compliant leads to your MA/CRM system. This automated process ensures invalid and duplicate leads never enter your database and provides sales and marketing teams with more high-quality leads.

Integrate’s comprehensive social solution enables you to:

  • Get social leads into your marketing automation tools or CRM in real-time, without manual .csv downloads
  • Automatically dedupe, standardize, validate and map fields from your social forms to your campaign fields
  • Send only governed data automatically to sales, ensuring they get the best leads in the most efficient way possible
  • Utilize analytics for optimization to track conversion and measure impact, helping you determine which campaigns are most valuable to revenue generation

Visit Integrate’s Social Solutions page for a complete overview.

Ready to get started with our social connectors?

We’re ready to help, just reach out to your Integrate Customer Success Manager! Here is an overview of the process we will walk through with you to set you up for social success:

  1.   Enabling the Connector
    • Integrate will enable the addition of the LinkedIn and/or Facebook connector for your team within your instance of the platform.
  2.   Connector Authentication
    • We will walk you through the authentication of your connector(s) to link your LinkedIn Sponsored Account and/or Facebook Business Page to your Integrate instance.
    • See our “LinkedIn Connector Authentication” article for more details. Facebook specifics coming soon!
  3.   Build First Social Campaign & Sources

    • Your Integrate team will help prepare you for what is needed to build social campaigns & sources by providing a deliverables template to help you collect your details.

    • Then, we will schedule time to help walk you through the build of your first social builds together!

    • Or if you have opted for a full managed service package, we’ll review the build process and timeline for our team to build your first social sources.

    • See our additional social articles for more details... Building a Social CampaignPreparing to Build a LinkedIn Source, and Building a LinkedIn Source. Facebook specifics coming soon!

  4.   Social Campaign Management
    • We will recommend best practices for your team to ensure your social sources are running successfully once live.
    • Checking numbers between all systems (LinkedIn --> Integrate --> MA/CRM) is key!

All of the above is included with the configuration of our social connectors and you will be guided by your Integrate team every step of the way.

If you haven’t reached out yet to get started, let your Integrate Customer Success Manager know that you’re ready!

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