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Getting Started with Social Integrations

The Integrate Social Solution.

Leads convert better when you follow up faster. Integrate’s social integrations (with LinkedIn & Facebook) allow you capitalize on speed and accuracy- the good leads show up in your database right away, boosting your pipeline with opportunities to convert and drive revenue. Learn more about The Integrate Social Solution on our website.

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Ready to get started with Social Integrations?

  1.   Identify key social team members
    • Social Power User(s):  They will be building your Social Campaigns & Sources within the Data Acceleration Platform
    • Social Integration Admin:  This team member must have the permissions within their personal LinkedIn / Facebook account to connect the systems

  2.   Enable Integrate Social Integration credentials
    • Within your instance of the Data Acceleration Platform, Integrate will enable the social integration feature for each of your key social team members
    • Please first ensure all users mentioned above have confirmed Data Acceleration Platform logins, then work with your Integrate Customer Success Manager to complete

  3.   Authenticate your social platform
    • Completed by your Social Integration Admin within the Data Acceleration Platform Integration Hub
    • Instructions available here for LinkedIn / Facebook or your Integrate Customer Success Manager can guide you

  4.   Build your Integrate Social Campaigns & Sources *
    • Social campaign details must first be established within LinkedIn / Facebook, use our social set up templates below to collect the necessary details
    • Completed by your Social Power User(s) within the Integrate Data Acceleration Platform
    • Instructions available here to build your Social Campaign and then Social Source for LinkedIn / Facebook

  5.   Manage your social lead flow *
    • Social Power User(s) will be able to monitor live lead flow into your MA/CRM system
    • Integrate has several available reporting tools and recommended best practices to ensure all clean and accurate data is flowing successfully

* If you have an Integrate managed service package, we’ll guide you through a similar process to collect details and complete those builds for you. We will also monitor your lead flow and provide regular reporting to keep you informed.

To get started or for additional information, contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager.

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