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Integrate Campaigns & Sources 

All activity within the Integrate Data Acceleration Platform will utilize this basic structure...

The Integrate Data Acceleration Platform organizes all activity into groups called Campaigns

  • Integrate Campaigns allow you to organize platform activity into groupings of similar programs
  • For example, you want leads coming from your LinkedIn Social Integration to be in a separate campaign from Content Syndication programs running with media partners
  • You can get granular to breakout Campaigns by quarter, team, region, etc. and can determine an Integrate Campaign folder structure that works best for each of your Integrate channels

Within your Integrate Campaigns, each of your specific lead gen programs are created as individual units called Sources

  • An Integrate Source is a single program (a.k.a. 'lead source') that has a specific target criteria, data validations, and routing details for leads to flow in and then out accordingly into an MA/CRM system
  • For example:
    • Within a Content Syndication Campaign, you would have a Source that corresponds to each contract you have with your media partners which gets connected and sent to them to upload leads into directly
    • Within a Social Campaign, you would have a Source that corresponds to each of your Facebook Campaigns to allow leads to flow in directly from Facebook

Think of your Integrate Campaigns as a folder (a.k.a. 'parent') that houses your individual Sources, which correspond to your specific lead gen efforts (a.k.a. 'child program').

Campaign/Source Structuring Best Practices

We recommend setting up your Integrate Campaigns in the same groupings you normally think of when organizing your lead gen programs. 

Try grouping Sources that have similar criteria and set ups under the same Integrate Campaign. Ultimately YOU determine the structure that works best for each of your Integrate channels!

Need help? Try asking yourself and/or your team...

  • How do we group our programs now?
  • How do we want to view & report on lead data?
  • How similar are the set-ups of lead data being collected & passed?

Campaign Template Functionality

As an added efficiency tool for Content Syndication and Events (CPL types only), the Integrate Campaign also acts as a build template.

Each Source created within is a copy of the Campaign set up (Fields, Terms, Integration, etc.) and then minimal changes can be made for Source customization. Since grouped Sources likely have a very similar required fields, routing details, etc. this is a helpful tool to help you 'work smarter not harder.'

For example, the 'Custom Question' can be added on quickly for only Source A2...

It is recommended to include the fields and settings necessary for most Sources at the Campaign level, then remove or adjust more specific targeting (allowed assets, account lists, custom questions, etc.) at the Source level.

Because of this efficiency tool, determining an efficient Campaign/Source structure is even more important for these types of programs!

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