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Campaigns vs. Sources

Integrate Campaigns vs. Sources 

The Integrate platform organizes demand gen programs into groups called Campaigns.

  • A Campaign is a simple way of organizing your demand gen programs coming from the same lead source type.
  • For example: Social programs coming from LinkedIn or Facebook would be in a separate campaign from your CPL programs being run with your media partners.

Within your Integrate Campaigns, each of your specific demand gen programs are created as individual units called Sources.

  • A Source is a single program matched to a lead source with a specific set of criteria, fields, and values that leads flow into according
  • CPL example: For a CPL program being run with a media partner, you would create a Source with their contracted specifics and match that source to their Integrate media partner account so they could upload those leads directly into that Source.
  • Social example: For a LinkedIn program, you would create a Source and choose the corresponding LinkedIn Campaign & Form to allow leads to flow in directly from LinkedIn into that Source.

You can think of your Campaigns as an umbrella, bucket or “Parent” that houses your individual Sources, which correspond to your specific (“Child”) programs.

Here is a visual to show you how this could look…

CPL Campaign Setup Best Practices

Integrate recommends setting up CPL campaigns in the same grouping format you would for a media plan – whether that is by fiscal quarter, line of business, region, etc. Try to group sources that have similar criteria and fields under the same campaign. A source will copy any fields, lists, and targeting from the campaign it is housed under, so it is often easier to include all fields and values necessary for many sources at a campaign level, then create more specific targeting (allowed assets, countries, account lists, etc.) at a source level.

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