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Applying List Mappers

How to Apply a List Mapper

Mappers can be used in outbound integrations (i.e. to map values when posting out to Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) or in a Leads reports (i.e. to view mapped values in reports pulled within Analytics).

First, you’ll need to create the mapper within the Lists hub (see our "Creating List Mappers" article for instructions) and ensure you have applied that list within your Campaign/Source Fields tab. Once the mapper is created and the list is applied, follow the steps below to apply your mapper.


To apply a List Mapper to your Campaign/Source integration:

From within your Campaign/Source, navigate to the Integration tab and open your integration to be able to edit it. Locate the field that contains the list that your desired map value is assigned to and select the mapper you wish to apply from the drop down in the far-right column.

Best practice: To ensure your mapped list values are passing correctly before going live… test your integration with those list values and confirm the correct mapped value is populating in the correct output field within the “Request” box!

When the mapper is applied accordingly, be sure to hit “Save” to apply this change to your integration!

To apply a List Mapper to a Leads report:

Within the Analytics section, open your Leads report and navigate to the “Fields” tab. Add/Locate the line for the corresponding field your wish to apply the mapper on and select that mapper from the drop down in the far-right column.

Update the name of the Output (column header) accordingly and when all desired changes are made, be sure to hit “Save” to update your Leads report!

Need to apply a mapper to a custom field configuration?

You can use the mapper token to apply a mapper to a custom field configuration if a more complex set-up is required.

From the Available Tokens side bar, select “List Mappers” from the drop down.

Locate your desired mapper from the side bar and click the “Copy Markup” icon to copy the token text. (Hint: You won’t see anything change, but it has been copied to your clipboard!)

Note: In order for a mapper to appear in the “List Mappers” side bar, the list that corresponds to the mapper must be applied to one of the fields on that Campaign/Source. If it does not, and you need to select a different mapper (for a more advanced set-up), you can search for your mapper name using the Search icon at the top of the side bar to access that token. 

Once copied, paste the token into the corresponding “Custom” field you wish to apply that mapper to. The token will appear with a placeholder (<FIELD_NAME>) that you will need to fill in with the corresponding input field that you would like the mapper to apply on.

Example: The initial token was copied/pasted as displayed in Fig. 1 but the corresponding Integrate field name is “Asset” so the final token should read as in Fig. 2

Figure 1: {{lead.<FIELD_NAME>|map:"a04d7188-dd4a-4860-b015-aa50ffed11e2"}}

Figure 2: {{lead.Asset|map:"a04d7188-dd4a-4860-b015-aa50ffed11e2"}}

Be sure to test & save your changes to complete the custom field mapper set-up!

Need help? If you need assistance creating and applying your first custom field and mapper token, please reach out to your Integrate team. This is a more advanced feature so we can help guide you!

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