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Creating List Mappers

How To Create a List Mapper

Within the Campaigns section, navigate to the Lists page from the sub-navigation.

Locate the list you wish create a mapper for and select “Configure List Mapping” from the right-hand menu.

You will then be presented with a modal allowing you to map your existing list values to alternative values you specify.

To create a new mapper, type in a name under the “Mapper Name” section where you see the temporary text “Create a value map”

Best practice: Be clear and consistent in your naming conventions as a single list may have multiple mappers associated with it. If a mapper is intended for a specific use (like for a single quarter, business unit, geo, or program type) use a consistent naming convention to make that clear for yourself later.


To enter mapped values manually:

Copy/paste or type in your desired output values under “Map To Value” that correspond to each list value. This is the exact value that will result whenever that original list value is uploaded, and this mapper is applied.  

To enter mapped values in bulk:

Select “Download Value Map” from within the modal to download the bulk mapper template. (This will download a .csv file within your browser so be sure you allow “” appropriate permissions for this to occur)

The bulk mapper template will have two columns just like in the modal, “List Value” and “Map To Value” and those headers are required. Fill-in the desired output values under “Map To Value” that correspond to each list value, save your file as a .csv when finished.

To upload your bulk mapper values, select “Upload Value Map” from the top of the modal. Browse and find your .csv file to upload and instantly map your list values.

When all list values are mapped accordingly, hit “Save” to create your mapper!

Additional Info

Please note:

  • The list size maximum for the bulk mapper is 10,000 rows
  • Any un-mapped list values, with the “Map To Value” cell left blank, will pass a blank value by default
    • Example: If there is no mapper value associated with the list value “Demand gen made easy: eBook” a blank value will pass when the mapper is applied and that value is selected.
    • The platform will read a blank cell with only spaces in it as a blank value too
  • You cannot delete/edit any of the existing list values from either the modal or bulk mapper template. That will need to be done from the “Edit List” menu option.


To create additional mappers:

You can create multiple mappers for the same list by clicking on the drop down icon to the right of the mapper name and selecting “New Value Map.” Be sure to give it a unique name to tell your mappers apart and don’t forget to save any changes!

To delete a mapper:

Deleting a mapper is a permanent change and will result in the mapper being removed from anywhere it is already applied on any integrations or lead reports. It cannot be undone!

To proceed with deleting a mapper, navigate to the corresponding mapper and select “Remove Value Map” under the mapper name.

The platform will then prompt you to confirm you’re sure you want to remove the List Mapper, select “Remove” to complete the action.

Now that you've created your mapper, see our "Applying List Mappersarticle for more information on how to apply it to either an outbound integration (i.e. to map values when posting out to Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) or in a Leads reports (i.e. to view mapped values in reports pulled within Analytics).

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