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List Mapping Overview

What is a List Mapper?

A List Mapper is platform tool that, when applied, can be used to automatically translate General List values into a different but corresponding value.

As a Marketer, you can create a List Mapper for a set of picklist (General List) values in order to pass a corresponding, often more meaningful, value to your system. This can be done in a 1-to-1 or group relationship. 

Example: You have a picklist applied to your “Asset Downloaded” field that is set-up to collect the asset downloaded title for each lead. However, it’s more meaningful to you to pass the asset code to your system. You can set-up a List Mapper to pass the corresponding asset code instead of the collected asset title whenever the mapper is applied to that field within your integration.

List value collected = Asset Title

Mapped value passed = Asset Code

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List Mappers are created within the Lists hub and applied to either an outbound integrations (i.e. to map values when posting out to Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) or in a Leads reports (i.e. to view mapped values in reports pulled within Analytics). See our "Creating List Mappers" and "Applying List Mappersarticles for more information! 

Why is this beneficial?

Creating a list mapper to send a different but corresponding value to your system is beneficial to you (and your media partners) because it...

  • Leaves less room for error when lead data is uploaded -- A human isn’t responsible for the matching and input of the proper corresponding values
  • Saves media partners time by reducing the number of fields they're responsible for -- Uploads are smoother overall when there are fewer fields and no guess work

Key takeaway? Utilize this feature to translate your list data into the additional corresponding values that you need passed to your system.

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