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Update Leads by Email


When uploading leads to a Source that has some form of email-based DeDuplication rule enabled, the following steps will automatically occur:

  • Upon upload, the system will check to determine if the email address has been previously uploaded to the Source in question.
    • If the lead has never been uploaded to this source before, it will be uploaded as a new record
    • If the lead has previously been uploaded, the system will perform an update to the existing lead rather than create a duplicate

Note: This does not change the accepted/rejected numbers

  • If multiple instances of the email address exist within the source, the most recent, accepted (if applicable) lead will be updated
  • Leads uploaded into Sources where duplicates are allowed will be proccesed as new leads, and updates will not be performed unless done using Update Leads by Lead ID


Note, this is just a slightly more descriptive version of the above.

  • Leads posted into a Source with dedupe enabled will be checked to see if Email+SourceID matches an existing Lead ID
    1. If a match is found, the corresponding Lead ID is retrieved, and the Lead is updated (new record does not get created, and usage is not incurred)
    2. If a match is not found, a new Lead ID is assigned
  • Leads posted into a source with duplicates allowed will be processed normally – new lead ID’s will be generated automatically unless a LeadID is specified
    • Note: See Update Leads by Lead ID article for details on how to update leads by Lead ID
  • Leads posted into a source where multiple email+sourceID’s exist will result in the most recent, accepted Lead being updated

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