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The Integrate Social Integration allows you to create a connection between your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Integrate Campaigns. This guide will help you configure the Integration within the Integration Hub, as well as the initial setup of a Social Campaign.

Detailed Guide

Instructions for Setting up LinkedIn Native Connector in Integrate

  • From the Integration Hub, click on “LinkedIn”.

  • Next, you’ll need to create a name for your Integration. This will be useful to differentiate your Integration if you need to create multiple Integrations tied to different accounts. One Integration can be created for each Sponsored Account you wish to integrate with - more on this later.

  • Next, you’ll be prompted to log in to LinkedIn. You should log in using the account of a person who is either a Company Page admin or a Lead Gen Forms Manager on the Company Page, and has Campaign Manager or Account Manager permissions on the specific ads account to which you are attempting to connect. (Note that if this computer is already logged into a LinkedIn account, Integrate will automatically use that account. If you want to use a different account, log out of LinkedIn and try again.)
    • The login to LinkedIn is done entirely through OAuth. Integrate never receives or stores your login information.

      You’ll only have to authenticate once every 60 days in order to keep lead flow active. In the future, this will be changed to be once per year.

  • You’ll be asked to confirm granting Integrate access to retrieve data, and then you’re ready to begin syncing leads from LinkedIn Demand Gen forms to Integrate campaigns.
  • From here, you are ready to create a Social Campaign within Integrate!

  • From Campaigns page, Choose 'Create Campaign' and click the button to create a Social Campaign.

  • Create a Social campaign as you normally would.

  • Click to Add New Source. Specify the Integration you wish to use (remember, you can have one for each sponsored account you need access to), as well as the LinkedIn Campaign, and LinkedIn Form you wish to connect with

    • Social Integration: choose the Integration you wish to use

    • Campaign: Choose the LinkedIn Campaign you wish to utilize

    • Form: Choose the Form you wish to integrate with

  • Note that all fields from your Social Form have been automatically added to the source you just created.
  • All Set! From here, customize your Integrate Source as you normally would, and you are all set! Leads will automatically be processed in real time as they come in.

Technical Notes

  • Integration will need to be re-authenticated every 60 days within the Integration Hub.
    • This will be changed to last one year in the future
  • Fields will automatically be added to a source once you choose the Social Form you wish to integrate with.
    • Field names cannot be modified or removed, to minimize the chance of lead syncing errors. However, all validation settings can still be specified on a per-field basis.

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