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ABM: Mintigo Integration

Mintigo Integration allows you to create and update targeted account list based on Mintigo predictive models. To setup the integration the following steps are required

After you have built your Mintigo Predictive Model (for more information on how to get started and build your model please contact your customer success manager)

  • Setup the Integration between Mintigo and Integrate.
    • Login to your Integrate account, click on the settings gear icon and go to "Org Setting"
    • Copy the Org ID 
    • Generate and copy a new API Token
    • You will need these two values in order to setup your integration
    • Login to your Mintigo account - click on the settings gear icon and then click on "Integrate"
    • Paste in the Org ID and API Token and click "Save"
  • Click on the menu on the top right and select "Export List"

  • Select the list you would like to export (under "Lists"), Select Integrate as the destination and click on the next arrow on the right

You can either create a new domain list or update an existing domain list

  • To update an existing Integrate domain list select "Existing List" and search for the list to update, the target account list will seamlessly apply to all campaigns for which this domain list is assigned to. 

  • To create a new domain list select "New List", specify a name and submit - the list will be created at Integrate 

  • You will be notified via email once list creation is complete. 

  • The domain list can then be assigned to all relevant campaigns for execution and real time validation against targeted account list

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