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Data Enrichment: Contact


Users looking to enrich their leads with additional information beyond what is supplied by the publisher can now do so using Contact Enrichment, which provides lead level data. This provides several benefits, including requiring less data to be submitted by the lead, as well as providing a secondary source of truth for certain data, such as Job Title, Department, or phone number.

Note: Contact Enrichment relies on email address, as well as a few additional key fields to ensure a good match rate. Therefore, we recommend campaigns require an email field and as many of the following fields as possible to ensure the best possible match rate:

  • Email
  • First Name & Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Job Title

How To Setup

To start, ensure the Integrate account in question has 'Contact Enrichment' enabled. The following steps will not be possible until Contact Enrichment has been enabled.

  • Once Contact Enrichment has been enabled for the account, navigate to Settings, Click Integration Hub, and note the presence of 'Contact Enrichment' within the Integration Library.
  • Click the + symbol on the Integration to add and configure Contact Enrichment for the account.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the fields you would like to have access to when creating campaigns.
  • Once you are finished, click the Integrate or Update button to save.
    • Note: Upon adding the integration for the first time, a set of system lists will be added to your available lists. We will touch on this later in the guide.
  • From within the campaign you would like to use Profile Enrichment, navigate to the fields tab.
  • Upon clicking one of your fields, you will note the presence of a new dropdown called "Linked To"
  • By default, the campaign will make a best guess as to what this field should be mapped to. Modifying the Linked To field is unnecessary unless creating a new, non-standard field, in which case Linked To will to used to let the campaign know which field this should be associated with.
    • E.g., a custom field called "first_name" should be used to match as the First Name field.
  • When all necessary fields are linked, Profile Enrichment Fields to manage which fields you wish appended to this particular campaign/source.
  • From here, you can easily specify which fields should be included in the enrichment process

  • Fields which are lists, such as Level, Decision Maker, etc. are associated with system lists, and are not editable.
    • Note: System Lists can be validated against, just like regular lists. This means that if you require your leads to be a decision maker, you can specify whether or not non decision makers should be accepted or rejected
  • Complete your remaining Campaign/Source setup as normal. Profile Data Enrichment fields will now be accessible within Integrations and the Leads report.


Mappers can be used on System lists identically to how you would apply mappers to regular lists.

  • Within the Lists section of the sub navigation, you can find all your related Contact Enrichment lists by filtering for 'System' list types.
    • You can also find them by searching for 'Contact.' since all all Contact Enrichment system lists use the 'Contact.ListName' format.
  • To Map values, click the settings menu next to the list in question, and choose 'Map'.


Note: When validating against Enriched data, it is important to note that it is very rare to achieve a perfect match rate. This means that, for practical purposes, there will always be some leads or fields which cannot be appended. As a result, the following should be kept in mind:

  • If a match is made, and a relevant field contains a disallowed value, the lead will be rejected.
  • If a match cannot be made, the lead will skip validation on any enriched fields.

Fine Print

List of available fields for Contact Enrichment

Example Return
First Name
Contact First Name
Last Name
Contact Last Name
Contact City
San Francisco
Contact Region/State Abbreviation
Contact Region/State Name
Contact Country
United States
Phone Number Associated with Contact
+1 123-4567
Contact Latitude
Contact Longitude
Contact Time Zone
Current Company HQ
Integrate Inc.
Current Position
Chief Product Officer
Normalized Management Level
Normalized Department 1
Normalized Department 2 (may be blank)

Normalized Function within a Department

Y/N Flag Indicating Decision Maker Status
Prior Company Name
Integrate Inc.
B2B Email Address of Contact at Current Employer

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