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New Salesforce Integration Setup

Salesforce Integration allows you to post leads to Salesforce via Salesforce' REST API. To set up the integration primary actions are required:

  1. Create a Connected App within your organizations Salesforce application
  2. Create a Salesforce Integration within the Integration Hub within your Integrate application

To begin, we'll cover the creation of a Salesforce Connected App within your Salesforce organization.

  1. Login to your Salesforce application
  2. Within Salesforce, navigate to 'Setup' if you are not already there
  3. From the Lightning Search, search for 'App' and click 'Apps' from the available available results
  4. From the Apps page, scroll down if necessary to the Connected Apps section, and click New

  5. We will only be entering the required fields on the Connected App:

    1. Enter a Connected App Name, for instance, "Integrate". An appropriate API Name will automatically be generated as a result

    2. Under Contact Email, enter

    3. Check the Box to Enable OAuth Settings

      1. For Callback URL, enter the following url:

      2. Within Available OAuth Scopes, choose to add 'Access and manage your data (api)' to the Selected OAuth Scopes. This will ensure that Integrate has the ability to create leads within Salesforce. Also add 'Perform request on your behalf at any time' this allows us to get refresh token when authentication is expiring.

    4. Your settings should look like this:
    5. When you are finished, scroll to the bottom and click Save
  6. Your Connected App is now created. There are a few pieces of information we will want to copy for use in the next step of the guide:
    1. Click on the Connected App Name you created in the previous step
    2. Copy down the Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret listed within your new Connected App - it should look something like this:

Next, we'll cover the process of creating the Salesforce Integration within your Integrate application:

  1. Click the Settings (gear) icon.
  2. Click Integration Hub.
  3. Locate the Salesforce Integration in the Integration Library and click on the symbol to add an integration.
  4. In Authentication tab  –  add your Salesforce Connected App details.
    1. Your Client ID and Client Secret, can be found within your Connected App you created within Salesforce in the previous section.
  5. In Response Mapping tab – you can modify how Integrate should interpret the response codes Salesforce provides back when Integrate delivers a lead. By default, all response codes result in the lead continuing to stay in an accepted state within Integrate unless you have selected Create Only as the action (read the following section for information on actions). Updating a response code to Reject will result in the lead updating to a rejected status  upon posting out, removing it from the total accepted lead count. In either case the disposition is reflected within the lead files visible to both you and the demand partner.
    • Click the dropdown in the Status column next to the response you would like to update and select the new status.
    • Click the dropdown in the Disposition column next to the response you would like to update and select the new disposition.
  6. In Settings tab - you can name your Integration, and specify the Schema for field names in Salesforce you wish defined.

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