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Leads Report


After receiving leads, use a Leads Report for a quick view of lead data pertaining to one or more sources. A Leads Report provides details for each lead associated with the requested source such as status and disposition. It also provides all customer-requested data (first name, last name, email, address, etc.).

How To

The Leads Report can be generated from an individual source page (single source) or the Insights page (one or more sources).

Individual Source

In the top menu, click Campaigns(1) to access the Sources(2) page. Click the Short Id(3) or Alias(4) to open the Source Summary.

Click Download Leads.

In the Download Leads window, select the start date(1), end date(2), lead status(3), and file type(4) for export. Click Download(5).

The report will include all leads meeting the criteria from that individual source.

Multiple Sources

In the top menu, click Insights(1). The Reports Overview(2) section lists all of your organization’s saved reports. To create a new report, click New Report (3).

Name the report(1) . Click Type(2) and select Lead(3). Click Create(4).


This opens the Reports page. Choose your desired report settings(1) (2) (3) and select the desired source(s) (4).

Select at least one source to access the Fields page. On this page, you can select which fields will be exported in the report, add custom fields, and perform mapping.

To schedule a report to be emailed on a recurring basis, click Schedules(1). Name the CSV file(2), customize the email subject(3), customize the message(4), and click Create Schedule(5). Scheduled reports are only available as .csv files.

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