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Domain Lists


Domain lists are comprised of the domains used by the companies you wish to either target, or exclude, for example

Domain lists are a versatile type of list commonly used in conjunction with an Account Based Marketing (ABM) execution strategy to ensure that incoming leads are only being accepted if they are from a company on the domain list the Marketer is trying to target. A less common use-case is as an exclusion list, typically as a way to exclude competitors, or types of companies that are typically not a good fit, e.g. military, education, non-profits, etc

How To - List Creation

Domain lists can be created within a campaign, or from the List section of the application. Like other lists, they are global, so one domain list can be used across any number of campaigns and sources.

  • To create a domain list, head over to the Lists sub navigation and click the Create List button, and select Domain List.
  • Provide a name for your list.
    • Note, it is recommended to provide a unique list name as this list will be accessible to all campaigns in the future.
  • From here you can either begin manually adding domains, or upload a list of comma separated values.
    • To manually enter, either begin typing values and hitting return after each one, or if you are copying from a spreadsheet, pasting the entire list of values will automatically add them.
    • To upload, simply choose the Custom Upload radio option and drop your CSV file onto the modal. Once uploaded, you can still manually add/remove values as needed.
  • When finished, simply click the 'Create List' button in the top right corner of the modal.

List Association

  • With the email field added, select the field and check the 'Use Domain List' box.
    • Note: by default, domain lists are used to target, meaning only email addresses with domains on the list will be allowed to pass validation. By checking the 'Exclude' box, you will change this behavior to be an exclusion list, meaning only email addresses with domains on the list will be rejected.
  • Once you've chosen to use a Domain List, and specified whether or not it's an Exclude list, you can either create a new list from within your campaign, or choose among your existing lists for a list you previously created.
    • Note: Lists created within a Campaign or Source will still be globally available to other campaigns and sources.

List Editing

  • To edit a list, simply navigate to the Lists sub-navigation header, and find your list.
    • Note: you can quickly find your list by clicking the magnifying glass and searching for the name of your list, or if you are unsure of the name, you can filter by List Type and choose Domain list from the available types
  • Once you've found the desired list, simply click on the List Name, or click the options menu on the right hand side, and click 'Edit'
  • From here you can easily add, or remove domains to the list


Wildcards are possible within domain lists, and are denoted with the asterisk (*).

  • For example, if you wanted to target only .edu accounts, you could specify *.edu and the system would recognize that any domain which ended with an education suffix should be allowed.
    • Note: The above example is also applicable for excluding domains.
  • You can also target multiple domains regardless of the suffix, for example if Integrate has domains for .com, .net, .biz, .org, you can just wildcard integrate.* and all suffixes will be included.

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