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Data Enrichment: Account


Users looking to enrich their leads with additional information beyond what is supplied by the publisher can now do so using Account Enrichment, which provides account level Account data. This provides several benefits, including requiring less data to be submitted by the lead, as well as providing a secondary source of truth for certain data, such as company size.


Account Enrichment relies on an email being present to perform a match. Therefore, only campaigns which require an email address be present will function with data append.

How To Setup

To start, ensure the Integrate account in question has 'Account Enrichment' enabled for their account. The following steps will not be possible until Account Enrichment has been enabled for the customer in question.

  • You can verify Account Enrichment has been enabled for the account by navigating to Settings, going to Integration Hub, and noting the presence of 'Account Enrichment' within the Integration Library.
  • Click the + symbol on the Integration to add and configure Account Enrichment for the account.
  • Select the checkboxes next to fields you would like to have access to when creating campaigns.
  • Once you are finished, click the Integrate or Update button to save.
    • Note: Upon adding the integration for the first time, a set of system lists will be added to your available lists. We will touch on this later in the guide.
  • From within the campaign you would like to use Profile Enrichment, navigate to the fields tab, and note the presence of a new 'Profile Enrichment Fields' link.
  • Click Profile Enrichment Fields to manage which company fields you wish appended to this particular campaign/source.
  • Fields which are lists, such as Employee Range, Revenue Range, etc. are associated with system lists, and are not editable.
  • Complete your remaining Campaign/Source setup as normal. Data Enrichment fields will now be accessible within Integrations and the Leads report.


Mappers can be used on System lists identically to how you would apply mappers to regular lists.

  • Within the Lists section of the sub navigation, you can find all your related Account Enrichment lists by filtering for 'System' list types.
    • You can also find them by searching for 'Company.' since all all Account Enrichment system lists use the 'Company.ListName' format.
  • To Map values, click the settings menu next to the list in question, and choose 'Map'.

Fine Print

List of available fields for Account Enrichment

Field DescriptionField TypeList Name
Company NameText
Company WebsiteText
Company HQ AddressAddress 1
Region ShortListCompany.RegionShort
Region LongText
Postal CodeZip/Postal
Country ShortListCompany.CountryShort
Country LongText
Employee RangeListCompany.Employees
Revenue RangeListCompany.Revenue
SIC DescriptionListCompany.Category
SIC CodeListCompany.SicCode
NAICS DescriptionListCompany.Category2
NAICS CodeListCompany.NAICSCode
Public Stock SymbolText
Company FacebookText
Company TwitterText
Company LinkedInText
Company LinkedIn IDText

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