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Phone Validation (International)


International phone validation is a new offering from Integrate that enables the validation of international phone numbers. When selected, it allows the validation of International, as well as domestic (US & CA) numbers through a variety of methods:

  • International numbers: Provides validation of phone numbers based on a valid number sequence in addition to country field check to ensure the number belongs to the region.
  • US & CA numbers: Provides validation of phone numbers based on checking with the phone carrier to ensure the number is a valid, active number.

How to Use

  • When creating your Campaign or Source, please add a Phone field, as well as Country (or address block) field to your campaign.
  • Once both fields are active on the Campaign or Source, click the Phone field, and under ‘Validations’, ‘International Phone’ should now be an option.


  • International phone validation requires a country field to be present
  • Country field can either be part of an address block, or a stand-alone country field.

  • Most country list types should work, e.g. ISO 2 and 3 character country codes, as well as full country names.

  • Most phone formats should work, e.g. +[countrycode][areacode][number], (xxx) xxx-xxxx, etc.

  • For international numbers, a country code is required.

  • For US & CA numbers, a country code is not required, just area code.

  • All valid numbers will be passed through in exactly the format they were received.

  • Note: We do not currently provide formatted number outputs, such as E.164, however we would like to add if customer demand is present.

Fine Print

  • Currently, the standard ‘US & Canada’ phone validation option will continue to function as it does today. Once International Phone Validation exits Beta, we will transition this over as well.
  • There are additional capabilities we can leverage when It comes to both Domestic, and International phone validation. Please provide customer feedback so we understand where to invest our follow up efforts.

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