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Post Out Log Report


A Post Out Log Report will provide an overview of the post out status for leads associated with one or more sources. Each lead will have a timestamp, a LogID, technical details concerning the post out (request method and content) as well as response status codes and reasons. This can be valuable if you are looking to determine whether leads were successfully posted out of Integrate to a marketing automation platform, such as Marketo. Post Out Log Reports are exported as a .csv file.

How To

The Analytics tab found at the top of the Integrate App’s page allows you to view all saved reports associated with your organization, as well as create new reports.

To create a Post Out Log Report, follow these simple steps:

  • Click ‘Create Report’ in the upper right corner of the Analytics page.

  • This will bring you to a report builder page, where you can select the ‘Post Out Log Report’ radio button.

  • From here, select the source(s) that should be pulled.

  • While a one-time report can be generated, you also have the ability to create a regularly scheduled report by establishing a schedule (which will be delivered via email).

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