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Marketo Integration - Custom Object


Marketo Custom Objects allow users to track custom data specific to their business. These objects can then be associated with a lead, as a separate but related set of data. Learn more about Marketo Custom Objects.

The Integrate Marketo integration allows for the creation or association of a custom object at the time a lead is sent over to Marketo.

How To

  • To create or update a custom object, first ensure your campaign or source already has a Marketo Integration configured.
  • Click the settings on the Marketo Integration, and scroll down below the field mapping section.
  • Within the Custom Object section, click 'Add New Custom Object...' dropdown.
  • Choose from the list of available Custom Objects.
  • Upon selecting the desired Custom Object, all related Custom Object fields will be populated within the Custom Objects section, and are ready to be mapped.
  • Similar to normal campaign > integration field mapping, Custom Objects can have fields mapped from the campaign, in addition to Custom fields, which allow for free form value entry, and use of liquid markup.
    • Note: fields that include lists with mappers can also be used within the custom object field mapping.
  • Click Save when you are finished.

Fine Print

  • Marketo Custom Objects always have one or more correlation fields, which are fields used to determine which lead the Custom Object should be associated with. Typically, this will be the email address of the lead. In some cases, you may wish to use the Marketo Lead ID as the correlation field.
    • In the above case, you can make use of the Marketo Lead ID token. When Integrate passes a lead to Marketo, Integrate captures the Marketo Lead ID which can then be populated in the appropriate field as a token.
    • To do so, choose to use a Custom field mapped to the correlation Output field in the Marketo Custom Object, and then paste the following token into the Custom text section: {{lead.OutboundId}}
  • Custom Objects are created as an additional, secondary call to Marketo once the lead has been created or updated. It is important to note as this may eat into daily API call limits at a greater pace.
  • More than one Custom Object can be created and then used simultaneously - simply repeat the above steps.

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