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De-Duplication Rules - Tag


Integrate can automatically dedupe leads based on set criteria. Marketer can reject leads if they already exist at another source that is tagged by the tag specified at the dedupe rules

  • Marketers can add a label/tag to campaigns & sources
  • Only a single tag can be added per source
  • Different sources within the same campaign can have different tags

Use cases for Dedupe by Tag

  • Media companies managing multiple clients can dedupe leads between clients by tagging all campaigns/sources by client
  • Marketers can dedupe between different initiatives within their organization (e.g. Content Synd. Vs Events campaigns)
  • Marketers can dedupe between different brands/products within their organization (e.g. Microsoft –Windows product line vs MS Office product line)

How To

The duplication rules are set up to allow or deny duplicate leads based on the marketer’s preference of field or multiple fields

  • Based on Email Address
  • Based on Phone Number
  • Based on Email & Phone
  • Based on Email & Asset (coming soon)

Reject if lead already Exists in

  • Tag

Lookback x days – reject the lead only if duplicate found within the last x days

To tag a campaign/source – click on “Default Terms” select a tag from the dropdown or create a new one

Click Save when you are finished.

Dedupe by Tag Example – let’s assume all Media Partner are posting as a lead. let’s follow the rules and see the outcome if a Media partner posts

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