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Phone Validation (US & Canada)


Phone Validation enables Integrate to verify that a lead's provided phone number is valid, thereby saving users from the expense and wasted time of a lead containing inaccurate information. Phone validation works by verifying that a number is properly formed, and also identifying the phone exchange/telecom provider that owns the number to ensure it is a real, working number.

  • If a number is invalid, and Phone validation is enabled, the lead will be rejected due to an invalid phone number.
  • If a number is valid, and all other criteria are met, the lead will be accepted.
  • Phone Validation does not verify that the phone number in question belongs to the lead it is associated with - it simply verifies that the number itself is a real, functioning phone number.

How To

  • To enable Phone validation on US & Canada, create a Campaign as you normally would.
  • On the fields section of the Campaign, add a Phone field if one is not already present
  • Once added, click the phone field to go to field settings, and toggle 'US & Canada' from the Validations radio menu
    • Note: It is considered best practice to make the phone field a required field.
  • Complete Campaign setup as you normally would - phone numbers submitted will now be validated.

Fine Print

  • In the case of Phone Validation when the phone field is not required:
    • If a phone number is present, the phone number will be validated and the lead will be accepted or rejected according to the result of validation.
    • If a phone number is not present, phone validation will be skipped altogether.

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