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Address Validation (US)


Address Validation enables Integrate to verify that a lead's provided address is valid. This is accomplished by checking the address against multiple dataset/services, for example, USPS.

  • If the provided address on a lead is considered valid by Address Validation, the lead will be accepted if all other criteria are met.
  • If the provided address on a lead is considered invalid by Address Validation, the lead will be rejected for having an invalid address.
  • Note: Address Validation does not verify if the address is associated with the lead in question, it simply verifies the address is valid.

How To

  • To enable Address Validation for US & Canada, create a Campaign as you normally would.
  • On the fields section of the Campaign, add the Address Block field if one is not already present.
    • Note: Individual address fields cannot be used with Address Validation, only the Address Block field.
  • Once added, click the Address Block field to go to field settings, and check 'Address Validation' from the Validations section.
    • Note: It is considered best practice to make the Address Block a required field.
  • Complete Campaign setup as you normally would - Addresses submitted will now be validated.

Fine Print

  • In the case of Address Validation when the address block field is not required:
    • If an address is present, the address will be validated and the lead will be accepted or rejected according to the result of validation.
    • If an address is not present, address validation will be skipped altogether.

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