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General lists can be used to ensure incoming leads are validated based on conditions that a marketer has required. General lists are flexible, with the ability to accept or reject leads based on a range of user-created criteria, such as states, countries, job titles, etc.

How To

There are multiple ways to create a general list. The first is by accessing the Lists menu.

  • Click the ‘Campaigns’ tab, click the ‘Lists’ subtab, which will show all lists associated with your account. In the upper right of this page, click ‘Create List’ and choose ‘General List.’

  • In the modal, you can name your list and manually enter values or choose to upload criteria from a spreadsheet. You also have the ability to enable case sensitivity on validation, as well

  • After creating the list, you will be brought back to the list menu, where you can manipulate your newly created list by clicking the ellipsis on the right. Here, you can edit, map and download lists. If the list is no associated with a source, you also have the ability to delete it.

The other option is to create a general list when creating a campaign/source.

  • While in the ‘Fields’ section of a new campaign or source, certain fields require a list (such as state/province, country, etc.). Clicking on the field will allow you to either assign an existing general list or create a new one. Creation steps are identical as shown above via the Lists menu.

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