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Source Agreements


Source Agreements can be used to ensure Marketers and Media Partners are aligned with strategies, goals and objectives, among other needs. Marketers can require that a Media Partner agree upon these criteria prior to a source being accepted and transitioned to a ‘live’ status.

Please note, Integrate does not accept liability for anything contained within the Source Agreement and is only ensuring that Sources accept the Agreement terms prior to working on your campaign.

How To

As a marketer, you can require that a media partner accept a legal agreement prior to a source being accepted and leads being provided. To do so, click the Source Agreement Required checkbox. From here, you can upload source agreement files that will be sent to the media partner. The media partner can approve or decline the agreement. If approved, the source can be accepted and lead gathering will be available. If rejected, the source will remain in a pending status.

As a media partner, when a source is sent from a marketer, you can examine the details of the seller agreement by clicking on the link(s) for each file. When accepting the source, a modal will appear that will prompt you to confirm that the seller agreement has been agreed to. Once confirmed, the source will be live.

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