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Seller Proofs


Seller Proofs are used to ensure a media partner uses consistent branding and imaging for a marketer’s campaigns. When the marketer requires seller proofs, the media partner must provide proofs of the design that will be used to advertise the marketer’s product(s). Once proofs have been submitted by a media partner, the marketer can access the Integrate platform and either approve or deny the proofs. If approved, the source can be accepted and the media partner can begin to collect leads; if rejected, the source will remain in pending status and leads cannot be sent to the marketer.

How To

From the marketer’s side, a simple checkbox under the ‘Terms’ section of a new source will require media partners to provide proofs. Once proofs have been submitted, you can access the source and click the ‘Proofs’ tab to view all of the files that have been uploaded by the media partner. From here, proofs can be accepted or declined, with comments provided at your discretion.

On the media partner’s side, if proofs are required by a marketer, a source cannot be accepted until they have been approved. Within a source’s ‘Proofs’ tab, you can upload files or add URLs that can be viewed by the marketer. Once proofs have been added to the source, they will be displayed in a list with a status for each individual file/URL.

Email notifications can be sent to both parties to provide updates when a proof has been sent, accepted or rejected

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