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Media Partner Mappers


As a Media Partner, you have the ability to map the list values you capture into the values required by the marketer. For example, the marketer has requested a field called Title, and the accepted values are Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer. You already have the Title information on these leads captured, however you have it stored as CEO, CMO, CTO and CIO. Using List Value Mapping, you can quickly and easily map your value of CEO to Chief Executive Officer, as requested by the marketer.

How To

Within the source Summary page, click the + symbol next to any list field type you wish to apply a mapper to.

You will then be presented with a modal allowing you to map the marketer’s values to alternative values you provide.

To map a new value, click the + button next to each existing value and type a replacement value that the system should watch for.

Save time by using “Use Existing Mapper” drop down to auto populate the mapping values from a different source that already has mapping implemented

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